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Fleet Phospho-soda Lawsuits

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Fleet Phospho-soda products, including Visicol and OsmoPrep, are bowel cleansing products that have been found to be defective. Manufactured by C.B. Fleet Company, Inc., these products increase the risk of acute phosphate nephropathy — a serious form of kidney damage.

If you have taken a Fleet Phospho-soda product and have been harmed as a result, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Personal injury lawyers can help you determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

When a victim dies because of Phospho-soda usage, his or her family members or heirs can file claims against the corporation for loss of life due to negligence. Family members are advised to contact an experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as possible in order to avoid problems with statutes of limitations.

Compensation for Fleet Phospho-soda Side Effects

A victim who has suffered adverse health effects from using Fleet Phospho-soda products may file a lawsuit seeking compensation for medical bills, emotional distress, lost income and lost opportunities.

Acute phosphate nephropathy can cause patients to experience a number of adverse symptoms, including fatigue, lethargy, decreased urine and swelling of the lower extremities. In some severe cases, acute phosphate nephropathy can require patients to need life-long dialysis.

First Lawsuit Against C.B. Fleet

In 2007, a Virginia woman was the first victim to file a lawsuit against C.B. Fleet Company for damages related to one of its Phospho-soda products. Lora Joyce Goza is requesting more than $10 million in damages due to a reaction between Fleet's medication and her blood pressure medication, which first caused her permanent kidney damage and eventually led to kidney failure. Goza believes the company knew the adverse side effects of their products for more than 12 years, but failed to warn consumers.

Those suffering from acute phosphate nephropathy may be less productive at work or have to miss work frequently. Others avoid work-related social gatherings because they feel ill. Any of these situations can lead to victims being passed over for promotions, or even being fired. Defective drug attorneys can help victims obtain compensation for lost income, lost prospects and other damages. They can also help bring defective medicine manufacturers to justice.


Filing a Lawsuit

Fleet Phospho-soda products such as Visicol and OsmoPrep are used to cleanse the bowel in preparation for colonoscopy and other medical procedures. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received more than 20 reports linking Fleet Phospho-soda products to acute phosphate nephropathy. In response, the FDA has issued a black box warning (its sternest warning) for the products. Following this warning, the manufacturer of Fleet Phospho-soda products, C.B. Fleet Company, issued a voluntary recall of the products.

C.B. Fleet Company

C.B. Fleet Company was founded in 1869 by Dr. Charles Browne Fleet. After for more than 130 years in business, C.B. Fleet Company is one of the largest non-prescription drug companies in the United States. They produce a wide range of products, including feminine care, gastro care, skin care, and oral care products. In addition, they are the first company ever to produce a line of laxatives targeted specifically for children ages 2 to 11.

C.B. Fleet Company is under fire for failing to draw attention to the risks associated with Fleet Phospho-soda products. The FDA required that C.B. Fleet Company update its packaging to include a new boxed warning, as well as develop a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) to help patients fully understand the side effects of Fleet Phospho-soda usage.

Nonetheless, C.B. Fleet Company may be held liable for negligence under pharmaceutical statutes or be subject to strict product liability laws, in which case negligence need not be proven. Contact an attorney specializing in personal injury to find out which laws apply in your state.

When You Need An Attorney

Victims who have developed acute phosphate nephropathy or suffered other types of kidney damage after using Fleet Phospho-soda products may wish to speak to an attorney. Defective drug lawyers help victims evaluate their individual circumstances and, if a lawsuit is warranted, build a strong case against C.B. Fleet Company by incorporating elements such as expert testimony into their case. In some instances, attorneys may recommend victims join a class action lawsuit against defective drug manufacturers, which can potentially award millions of dollars to victims. To learn more about filing a defective drug claim against C.B. Fleet Company, contact a personal injury attorney who is familiar with the laws in your state.

Did You Know?

Sodium phosphate, the main component in Fleet Phospho-soda products, is often used as a food additive to prevent oil separation. Many processed meats and cheeses, microwaveable meals and canned soups contain small amounts of sodium phosphate.